Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit you will need to complete forms giving the doctor a detailed history of your past medical conditions and provide an update on your current condition. These forms can be downloaded from this web site, faxed to you, or some patients prefer to come to our office to complete the forms.

The initial examination includes neurological and orthopedic tests to determine your level of functioning and to discover if further tests (x-ray studies, MRI, etc) are needed.

At our clinic, x-rays are not a required part of a new patient examination; you and the doctor will decide if they are needed as part of your initial evaluation. If you have had film studies done within the last year, we encourage you to bring them to your first visit.

In most cases, patients will have their first chiropractic adjustment at this visit. Our goal is to provide relief and begin the healing process as soon as possible.

Checklist For Your First Visit

  • Completed medical history forms
  • Any x-rays already taken relating to your problem
  • MRI Reports

Patient Form

Patient History 1

Patient History 2

Financial Agreement

Be prepared to discuss:

  • When condition started
  • How long you have had it
  • What makes it worse or better
  • Other treatments you have tried and how well they worked
  • Any information you believe is relevant

It is a good idea to write out ahead of time any questions you want to be sure and discuss with the doctor.

Know your insurance requirements and if you have a deductible or copay.

We provide quality chiropractic care to patients in Kalamazoo. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (269) 381-0737.